Club Rules


  • All members shall swipe their Club access card upon entry.
  • All members shall conduct themselves in a manner becoming a Police Association member.
  • All members shall be subject to the rules and regulations of the Club and the rules and regulations of the Liquor License Act.
  • Any member who violates any rules or regulations may be asked to leave the Club by the Manager or designated staff.
  • Any member having a complaint concerning the enforcement of the rules and regulations or the operation of the Club will make them in writing to the Board and not to the Manager. The Board will have the final responsibility in settling complaints.
  • Any member refusing to leave the Club when requested will be subject to discipline as outlined in Section XII of the Police Association By-Law.
  • Firearms are strictly forbidden on Club premises With the exception of on-duty personnel while on the premises performing police or Association duties.
  • No member shall wear recognizable uniforms or parts thereof, in Club premises.
  • Dress will be designated by the Manager for special functions.
  • The use of profane, abusive or obscene language is forbidden.
  • Drunkenness, rowdiness or causing any disturbance is forbidden.
  • A member introducing a guest or minor to the privileges of the Club shall be liable for any debts which such guest may incur to the Club, and for any damage done by such guest to Club property. The misconduct of such guest shall be deemed to be the misconduct of the member introducing such guest.

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